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Data Quality Audit

The first step in working with UDQ is to audit your current system.

We determine how well your data meets our data quality criteria and standards (accurate, thorough, timely, fast). We assess all relevant information about the current arrangement (configuration, architecture, usage, profiling, etc.). We help you determine “fitness of use” for your intended consumer. Then, using our proprietary 167-point data quality audit, we’ll identify the more pressing issues and how to fix them.

Data Architecture Triage

We provide you with short-term, immediate solutions to address your current database challenges.

After the Data Quality Audit (or concurrently if there is a critical need), we suggest, demonstrate, and implement some innocuous or near innocuous changes to get your organization past immediate hurdles and to a ‘survivability’ point that creates breathing room. Triage for current data architecture provides simple solutions that buy time for your organization to plan and design a new data architecture and allows you to move to the next step – a new Universal Data Architecture.

UDQ Data Architecture

We provide you with customized data from either our base system or from scratch.

Either starting with the UDQ Base Architecture or from scratch, UDQ provides a universal data architecture that will address current business need as well as anticipated future need. All those features that seem to get forgotten will be built into the architecture rather than becoming a cumbersome fix. In addition, your staff will be trained and mentored in industry leading practices and procedures to help ensure the long term success of your business.