Strong products are an integral basis for a strong data architecture.

Base Universal System

Save Time. Save cost. Get returns faster.

Built to handle the basic business needs of any organization or company. Includes built in auditing, history retention, warehousing, person and organization management, implemented coding and naming standards, notes, non-standard (audio, video, image, xml, JSON, etc.) data management, and many more features, built into the base instead of being later kluge add-ons. Structured for immediate implementation, and adaptable to handle any business specific or proprietary data and processes that need to be added.

Test Data Creation Suite

Poor test data results in poor testing, which results in avoidable problems you don’t want.

This product provides you with large-scale complex, synthetic, realistic test data to test the speed and accuracy of function. Because it functions like real data, it saves time and future workarounds. You may find that you have to explain that the high quality test data you produce is really not live production data.

Data as a Service (DAAS)

Allow data to be managed at a much lower cost and at higher data quality levels than you can do yourself.

All the ‘lists’ that you need (countries, states, types, industry specific reference data, geographic data, etc.) cost you a significant amount of time, and are probably not up to date or maintained to quality standards.  UDQ offers DaaS services for thousands of data sets.  We maintain the data, correlate for differences in sources, keep it up to date, and can feed them to you on a periodic basis so you can concentrate on your core business needs.  And we do it all in uniform standards. If we don’t already have the reference sets you need, we probably will soon.