…And how can it make or break your bottom line?


Profitable Data Quality

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Fast Data

When data is requested, response time must be immediate and dependable.

Accurate Data

The information in your database must be correct, exact, and free of errors or duplicates.
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Thorough Data

All the necessary information must be present, complete, and populated appropriately.
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Timely Data

The data you use must be up to date, with any and all the most recent changes incorporated.

Why Your Data Quality Matters


Quality data is profitable data. All other things being equal, a business that has fast, accurate, thorough, and timely data will outperform another business any given day. Here’s why.

  • Speed
    In any business, and with all things being equal, faster is better. Any task done quicker will have better results, such as no wait time for your customers and no wasted time for your employees. Speed is an essential aspect of data quality – it saves and makes you money. Be first to market, get your products and services to people in half the time that your competitors do, and watch your sales skyrocket.
  • Accuracy
    Getting data right is a must for a positive customer experience and repeat business. The wrong last name, state spelling or product number can have a major impact on your sales. If your data has errors (a missing “c” in “Connecticut”, for example), you will spend countless hours, manpower and dollars identifying and fixing minor issues that have a major impact on your bottom line. Get it right, the first time.
  • Thoroughness
    Your business doesn’t do a halfway job and neither should your data. You may have the right data (accuracy), but you also need complete data (thoroughness) to see the whole picture and make the right decisions for your business and clients. Don’t let your company be limited in its capabilities – help it expand to its full potential with complete, thorough, total data.
  • Timeliness
    React at world speed. Outdated data is inefficient – your business needs data that is up to date, doing the job according to the here and now. Without timeliness, you lose the potential to react to your customers’ needs, to respond to your business environment, and to grow by aligning with the right trends at the right time. Serve with precision by having timely, updated data.


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