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Business: SaaS health risk assessments and educational programs

Primary Issue: Speed

Products Used: DaQualis Database Triage + DaQualis Solutions Platform

Project Description: The health and wellness company provided health scoring for clients’ employees to promote a healthier work environment and lower insurance costs. However, the employees would push the button for the health score and it would take 10 minutes to get it, slowing down the next person clicking, resulting in a compounded timeout. Due to this failure, the company was quickly losing big customers.

DaQualis first implemented the Triage tool to address the speed issue and on the first day brought WellSource’s response time from 10 minutes to under a second, preventing further client loss. Then, to address poor data architecture, over-complicated manual processes and other lack of functionality, we installed our architecture solution, DaQualis Solutions Platform, and trained their employees. The Platform tool reduced the previously year-long instrument update process to a matter of hours, improved data quality, and increased flexibility of functionality – which helped WellSource increase overall performance, and keep and grow its customer base.

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Perfect Shift

Business: Healthcare workforce performance

Primary Issue: Quality

Products Used: DaQualis Reference Data as a Service + DaQualis Solutions Platform

Project Description: The healthcare startup was going to spend nine months developing its database platform from scratch, so that it could provide its clients the quality standard they deserve. Instead, Perfect Shift installed the DaQualis Solutions Platform and was up and running within a week. The short-term effect was speed to market (a huge benefit for a startup in a competitive market) increased data quality, cost-savings (they avoided months of paid labor) and, in the long term, more savings in time and money due to top-notch database platform functionality that they would not have otherwise had.

Perfect Shift also used the DaQualis RDaaS service and, as a result of implementing both tools, started marketing product – and generating revenue – right away instead of months later.

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Business: Educational supplies and resources platform for schools, colleges, and students

Primary Issue: Complexity

Products Used: DaQualis Solutions Platform

Project Description: Most companies have a complexity issue and EAI was no exception. Their system’s data architecture was so flawed, their sales commissions were virtually incalculable. The situation was so hopeless that sales associates were not allowed to push the calculations button because all customer sales would slow down if someone wanted to run the 10-minute process. They could only run it in the middle of the night, when customers were not in the system.

We installed the DaQualis Solutions Platform tool and implemented instantaneous commissions calculations that ran in under a second – so fast, results showed before the finger was off the button. The Platform tool not only increased the speed of processing, it also made their system more flexible, and even empowered EAI to have some additional functionality for commissioning, which made the team happy and more incentivized to produce.